This is a statement issued and agreed by the full committee of PL24 Community Association. June 26th 2018

Admins of this group have been subjected to a barrage of public and private abuse from certain members following banning someone after complaints were received about them stirring up trouble and the subsequent abuse the admins have received from some members on the subject both publically and privately. This is not the first time this has happened over the last few months.
This FB group is run by volunteers who give up their time for the good of the community and it is not fair that they are abused by the few who seem intent on causing trouble within the group and causing upset to other members.
This group is run by PL24 Community Association and is ONLY to forge and promote links between groups within the community, the community at large and to exchange information. It is not the place to moan and criticise about anything and everything and is not the correct platform to be reporting issues.
The group is not a public service and is run as an extension of PL24 Community Association to support the work we do, as is our website.
We know there are members who have been leaving this group because of the negative and unhelpful posts and comments that are sadly becoming more frequent.
Unfortunately, as a result, we are now going to have adopt a zero tolerance policy on all posts and comments off topic of the group. Other ‘community’ groups around the country have had to adopt a zero tolerance policy because of the few who just seem to want to create unhelpful controversy that upsets bona fide members.
The intention is to keep it a friendly group. Potential new members to the group will now be asked why they want to join. If there is no reply we can look at their profile if it is public.
Attacks of any nature will not be tolerated for the good of all.
Debate is ok,  but disrespectful comments and posts are not allowed and will be deleted. Please be aware that 'banter' can often be misinterpreted. This is also not the place for political point scoring,  as a group we are apolitical.
If any members do not like the group’s policies and other rules in the group description then please leave and use your own page or form your own group. This policy has been adopted by the full committee of PL24 Community Association for the benefit of the majority of members of this group.

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Welcome to the PL24 Community Association 
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We initiate and suppport local projects with the ultimate aim of encouraging a vibrant and enthusiastic community. We liaise with other groups within the PL24 area and aim to provide useful information on local issues, amenities, attractions and events for the community as well as for visiting tourists.

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